RUN Home Collection

One-Of-A-Kind RUN Home Tapestry

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This piece was created together with a women who does rust dye (different nails and found objects for rust dye patterns). The quilt piece is a study of a bigger piece but now incorporates into this tapestry. Some fabrics include dyed terry, which was collected by Susan Cianciolo. 

RUN has created a vision of a modern shelter: A comforting world of colours, textures, threads and fabrics, patched together to create symphony in what could be cacophony. RUN Home celebrates the fruits of the artistic collaboration by a timeless practice of a sewing circle that is used to produce the works and infuse ideas with each others’, with a contemporary interpretation of weaving, knitting, patchwork, embroidery and printmaking.

Colour: Multi

Material: Cotton/ linen/ mixed material

Size: 127 cm x 168 cm