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HEROES Fanfiction

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Publisher: 3-ply, 2016
Format: Softcover
Pages: 68
Trim size: 235 mm x 300 mm
Colour: Offset
Edition of 1000

HEROES conflates the artist book and fashion magazine. Often the most conceptual
ly-driven moment of the runway, a 'hero look' serves as a signpost for a designer’s signature style, rather than quotidian wearability. Contributors to HEROES were invited to assemble visceral manifestations of subjectivity through self-fashioned hero looks, and to approach fashion design as a narrative of fanfiction, identifying as readers or fans of their own canon to generate a character or caricature of personal style. The inaugural issue of HEROES includes the feature 'The Banquet', by Monica's Gallery and Jessie Kiely, which appropriates the fanfiction trope as a codified lookbook, spiraling through elaborate sub-plots and philosophical digressions on nested human artefacts.

Edited by Fayen d’Evie, Matthew Linde, Spencer Lai and Jake Swinson
Designed by Toby Tam