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Hand-Dyed Top

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Hand-dyed by Susan Cianciolo at her studio in New York. The hand embroidery was finished at The Community, Paris. This fashion piece was especially added to the collection for the RUN Home Collection III exhibition at The Community.

RUN has invited a select group of artists and artisans to collaborate on the pieces. The process of creation is at the heart of every collection: Each piece results from an encounter with an artist or a designer who add on something of their own. The pieces and the collection are always bound to evolve; they are part of an ongoing process that carries within it the personal touch of each collaborator. Similarly, the presentation of the collection evolves through time and space, and interacts with the environment in which it is presented.

Contributions from a growing group include Samantha Verrone who explores handmade rust dyed fabrics, Jasiu Krajewski as a painter and ceramicist, Jessica Ogden who designs for A.P.C., Zoe Latta from Eckhaus Latta, Mississippi-based quilter Coulter Fussell, and jewelry designer Robin Mollicone.

Colour: Light blue

Size: One size

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